The Week In Womble aka Erm where did that week actually go??

Hellooo! A short and sweet catch up this week. As I expected work was just as busy as I was expecting so time for much else has been hugely limited.  Reading has been slower than I would have liked but I think I’ll make up for it tomorrow and the week ahead as I attack the review pile with relish (evil booktempting grin).  I’ve now finalised a little idea for a new section of the blog but want to get reviews and Hugo reading out of the way first….


I’ll have a bigger blog out next week, but it was just what I’ve needed as my geek batteries have been running a little low. The worst thing about the day was just how many people I couldn’t see and speak to for long. The news it is going to be a two-day event next year might help that a bit! 

Starburst Brave New Words

Was really nice to see the presenters of Brave New Words come to Edgelit to present their Brave New Words award celebrating notable writing.  Really pleased to see Tasha Suri win for her debit Empire of the Sand – its an extremely impressive and smart novel that gully deserved to win in a very strong field. If you’ve not picked this up yet please do so (reviewed last year here)  

Embrace the chaos

Yes in other award territory my fellow judges did the voting and we have agreed the finalist for our second ever Subjective Kind of Chaos Rewards.  A hugely impressive list and I’ll start to focus until worldcon weekend on the two finalists in each category.  Certainly our most diverse debates were had this year and very rarely did we seem to have a standout winner – but we poked the bunnies of procrastination and we are now ready for the last and final round. Our finalists are here go and read these books you won’t be disappointed

What I’m watching/listening to


What I’m - Listening to

Its been that kind of a week  - ho hum!

What I’ve Reviewed

Fractured Europe: Europe at Dawn by Dave Hutchinson – an impressive bookend to the series that got into out SKCA Best Series category.  Review incoming but its there for a very good reason its impressive

A Shroud of Leaves by Rebecca Alexander - Review coming tomorrow – Although the second in a new detective series this tale mixes archaeology and crime with four mysteries linked to an ancient tomb all coming together.  A fun ride.

Growing Things And Other Stories by Paul Tremblay – I do enjoy short stories when done well it’s one thing I really enjoy using the blog to promote. If you enjoy horror, then I really think you need to try this – I struggled to cut talking about any story in the blog they all pretty damn great.

Bubbling under

Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky – the sequel to one of the best SF novels and I don’t even mind the spiders!

Rosewater Insurrection by Tade Thompson - a belated catch up on this novel of aliens in Nigeria

Velocity Weapon by Megan E O’Keefe – VERY much looking enjoying another bit of space opera that all the bloggers are saying is one of the best out this year

Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Join me on the 19th for the blog tour of what promises to be a great wide by a fantastic novelist.

This is How you Lose The Time War by Amal El-Nohtar and Max Gladstone – Out this week I’m expecting to be destroyed by this one…



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