The Week in Womble aka You Keanu Believe What That Guy Said

Hellooo! And it’s a late posting thanks to a lovely day out in Yorkshire. This week has seen a lot fo prep for a busy July in work (lots of new stuff to try but I’m so going to need the weekends). At the same time this month I start to see friends at Edgelit and then something in London so I suspect the next six weeks will be let’s say interesting….

What is a blogger?

Watching someone put both of their feet in their mouth about bloggers not being of the same quality as paid critics was an interesting Friday experience but it led me to think about what exactly we bring to the table plus it adds to the odd debate I’ve seen where you can only be a fan writer when not paid. My take on blogging is here it did feel like some issues from ten years ago are re-surfacing and not sure why but a lot of issues I thought were done and dusted are coming back. Perhaps we just need to underline our arguments.

What I’m watching


Destination Wedding – I saw the trailer for this at a cinema last year. It made me laugh I never heard of it post release until I saw it on dvd. Its definitely a curate’s egg but I overall liked it (but this definitely won’t work for most people). Frank and Lindsay meet in an airport and start quarrelling; then they realise they’re going to the same wedding – Frank as the groom’s brother and Lindsay as an ex-girlfriend of the groom!  They still argue but discover their differences…it’s a romcom…work out the rest. I like a good rom com and I was intrigued as this stars Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder two actors who are usually always interesting. 

It’s a two hander there are no other speaking roles and its very strange. It feels very low budget and far more of an indie film than a Hollywood take. The dialogue is very overcooked in places los of two characters over thinking and asking moral questions but after about ten minutes it works. Frank is a man on the verge of depression and Lindsay is still trying to get closure and their opposites attract. The bit that works is the chemistry between he leads – they are clearly enjoying being slightly against type. Reeves plays a verbose and repressed annoying exec while Ryder is a very exacting but also wearying character. Id entertaining but not as polished as it thinks it is. Very much felt like a filmed stage play and actually may work better on stage when less distractions of the countryside.  My side of weird quirky but I could see others get annoyed instead.


Wimbledon!! I find this strange game very relaxing; its traditional but also very modern. I like the back and forth of a good rally and after a long day its soothing.

What I’m - Listening to

I was watching the tennis (shame)

What I’ve Reviewed

Thanos - Death Sentence by Stuart Moore - a novelisation imaging a a defeated Thanos trying to once again take over the universe.  Very much based around comic lore and sadly I’m not up on my Mad Titan history.  Interesting but not quite easy for new readers.

Hexarchate Stories by Yoon Ha Lee - a set of short stories and novella set int eh universe of his Machineries of Empire series.  I LOVE THESE!! READ ALL OF THEM!!

The Colorado King by Stephen King - first time published in the UK a novella that inspired the SF show Haven but doesn’t have a straight SF link. Its about the power of a mystery and I was as often with King impressed

Bubbling under

Europe at Dawn by Dave Hutchinson – review incoming but a very impressive finale

Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky – the sequel to one of the best SF novels and I don’t even mind the spiders!

Rosewater Insurrection by Tade Thompson - a belated catch up on this novel of aliens in Nigeria

Velocity Weapon by Megan E O’Keefe – VERY much looking enjoying another bit of space opera that all the bloggers are saying is one of the best out this year

Growing Pains and Other Stories by Paul Trembalay – A horror author who successfully scared me has now a short fiction collection coming out next week – stay tuned for my nightmares

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