The Week In Wombles aka How Many Boxes of Books???


This was a long week as due to train engineering, I was up at 5am most days to commute so it’s been tiring. But the big news is I hope to exchange contracts on Monday and move Friday. The near year long adventure is over!! This means my bookshelves are finally bare (cries)but sometime next week there will be a grand unpacking and quest for new shelves too! So next few days are going to be focused on packing and packing and packing….

Anathem update

Still on page 100! It’s probably going to have more attention next week when in the house with no internet (wails)

What I read this week

The Winter Road by Adrian Selby – Review here  – Delayed by house stuff I’m immensely impressed by what this book does in terms of ramping up tension, worldbuilding and making you feel a character on the very edge of their limits push harder. Fair to say I’m hopeful this will be one of my early 2019 favourite reads!

The Bastard Legion: Friendly Fire by Gavin Smith- Review here – Fantastic heist action with an intriguing suggestion of the wider arc story for this series of six thousand prisoners being turned into mercenaries.  Really impressive.

A Perfect Balance by Laura Ambrose (aka Laura Lam) – Review here - The second in her f/f romance series is in terms both sweet and steamy with two characters who haven’t quite yet realised they love each other.

The Bastard Legion: War Criminals by Gavin Smith -  now very eagerly reading the latest in the series!

Other Media

Television –

Voltron – They’re reached earth eek

Films – nope (cries)

Podcasts –

Desert Island Discs – have now completed 2017 and definitely time to try a new show backlog. Perhaps some SF

What I want to read next

-          The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley – a New Years day trip for a set of young couples in a remote lodge which goes horribly wrong

-          Darksoul by Anna Stephens – the sequel to another one of my favourite debuts Godblind

-          Shelter by David Hutchinson – a future UK where a disaster has turned back the clock

-          American Monsters Part 1 edited by Margret Helgadottir – the latest entrant in this brilliant Fox Spirit series with writers telling tales of their cultures.

And after that week moving to a new house and the road to Subjective Chaos begins