The Week in Womble aka arrgh its morning


The first full week back in the office (the joy was…. indescribable) as was my reunited love affair with the train network. But actually, a pretty good week as I am now this close (pinches inch between thumb and finger) to sorting out the move.  In advance I am packing and having a clear out (most books unharmed).  Getting back into a routine and the beauty of the 5.40 wake up was the main aim for this week and that seems to be working.  Hopefully next blog there will be good news.

Anathem update

Still on page 100! My fault as other books grabbed me – discipline womble discipline!!

Other Media

Television –

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – finished and really while I like the approach the attraction of the show is the dynamics of the people she is helping.  Intriguing how many men in couples still seem to think cleaning is the woman’s role still in the 21st century.

Next up?  Hmm back to Gotham? Any suggestions?

Films – nothing yet but may be off to the cinema this week

Podcasts –

Desert Island Discs – more catching up nearly finished 2017!

What I read this week

This Dreaming Isle edited by Dan Coxon – Review Here  - An excellent modern series of folk horror set in places across the UK with stories by a whole range of impressive authors.  Strongly recommended.

The Book of M by Peng Shepherd– Review next week Here – An interesting and strong debut fantasy where the world’s populations starts losing their memories and that impacts reality.  Shepherd is an very promising author whose great use of language gives some amazing images.  I will be very interested in her future work

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – Review to come – First of my look at the classics and this was so not the story I expected.  Really impressed at her approach and I can see how this story avoided dating itself which means it can work with every future scientific idea we have.

The Winter Road by Adrian Selby – Review to come – really enjoying this tale of an alternate Russian world and should finish this after the weekend.  Stay tuned (it is certainly suiting the weather)

What I want to read next

-          Darksoul by Anna Stephens – the sequel to another one of my favourite debuts Godblind

-          Shelter by David Hutchinson – a future UK where a disaster has turned back the clock

-          Creatures: The Legacy of Frankenstein edited by David Thomas Moore – five novellas based on you know what (its almost like I plan this sometimes)

-          Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield – mystery set upon a girl who appears to have returned from the dead