The Week In Womble aka I'm backkkkk


I have moved!!! And it has been a long two weeks but with the help of Marie Kondo, Ikea, pizza and caffeine the new warren is starting to take form.  Sadly, not yet full on broadband so living in the 90’s at the moment. Happily, as at today I have rooms I can sit in so expect reading and blogging to kick off in anger from tomorrow.  I have a lot to get through for you!!


I’m looking at the these over the next few weeks

-          American Monsters Part 1 edited by Margret Helgadottir – the latest entrant in this brilliant Fox Spirit series with writers telling tales of their cultures.

-          The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie Jane Anders – trust me this intelligent SF is going to be one you want

-          Captain Marvel – Liberation Run by Tess Sharpe – ahead of the movie why not read an original novel about one of my favourite Marvel heroes

-          The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie – the author of the Ancillary Justice trilogy doing fantasy? I’m so there!!

-          The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons – Heard lots of good things about this series about a bard finding they’re the lost son of an immortal prince

-          Everything About You by Heather Child – a mysterious thriller involving AI

-          The Migration by Helen Marshall - a tale of plague, death and apocalypses

-          Knightfall – The Infinite Deep by David B Coe – based on History Chanel’s Templar drama

-          The Rosewater Insurrection by Tade Thompson – the sequel to one of my favourite SF tales -oh yes!!!