Subjective Chaos - 2019 It's a coming!

Book Bloggers do natter in the secret realms of the DMs. And when several of gathered last year like Voltron then Subjective Chaos was formed thanks to C from  The Middle Shelf. For the bloggers a great chance to swap book recommendations and suggest/push/bribe our fellow judges to vote for in a final round. Plus, we got to send awards (see pic!) to the finalists

I do think it was one of the most fun reading experiences I’ve had as I discovered books that I had missed and a few I would usually have ignored.  To be honest this is the most fun you can have with award lists. So as no one was killed we decided to do it again!! The Subjective Chaos Awards 2019 are open!

The rules/aims/guidelines/best intentions

-          We will embrace chaos

-          We will have fun

-          All discussion will be good-humoured

-          We do not shout and disturb the other readers

The Categories

-          Best Fantasy Novels

-          Best SF Novel

-          Best Blurred Boundaries

-          Best Novella

-          Best Complete Series (final instalment published in 2018)


Works must have been released in the previous calendar year and fit the following criteria

-          Published first time in English

-          Published first time in the UK

-          Published for the first time by a major publisher if previously (within the past ten years) crowd funded or published by an indie publisher

-          Published in a substantially revised format (eg from novella to novel)


Each panellist cries, think then cries more before selecting two primary nominations (ina single category). After careful checking and negotiating and sometimes rule changes we agree the shortlist based on the final final choice.  Then we cry even more.

This Year’s Judges

-          C of The Middle Shelf

-          David of Blue Book Balloon

-          Eowyn

-          Hammard of Cloaked Creators

-          Hedwig

-          Imyril of One More

-          And little old me

(shout out to Bethan May who can’t join us this year)

The shortlist after much debate and wrangling has been agreed…. watch out it is a coming