2019 - Things to Do!

My favourite day of the year is the 1st of January. Everything is possible, and the reset button wipes the slate clean. So what is the main aim of this year?  Well a lot of last years that feel off the wagon once my house moves imploded.  I have this awful habit of not allowing myself to do things which means things stockpile.  This year these aims for the blog are to address that

a)       Read a bit more outside one genre – I want to try at least one crime/horror and non-fiction story a month. I’ve a lovely pile of these that have been stockpiled and some of these are by favourite authors and would be good to share why these authors appeal to me.

b)      Endings – I stupidly held back on finishing some series until I moved.  They’re all still in the pile looking at me!

c)       Gaps – (same as last year) There are quite a few well-known authors and series I have never got around to. In some quarters I am assured Sanderson, Erikkson etc are titans of the genre. Well let’s see and at the same time I’ve quite a few other names I want to try like Elliot, Wurts and Cherryh. This could be fun if I compare……..

d)      Short Stories – I feel very embarrassed how little short fiction I read when I think it would be really good for me with some of my time pressures.  I’ve quite a few compilations in TBR and I will be on the lookout for interesting ones to share.  I’m going to aim to read at least one anthology a month and try a few more magazines

e)      Other Media – I’m way behind on TV and podcast dramas – this needs to change before I am spoiled on EVERYTHING

g) Continue to challenge numpties who think SF should not tackle social issues and possibly talk more about some of the trends in the genre.

What are your reading aims for the year ahead?