What's Next?

I have a confession I don’t really like New Year’s Eve. Staying up late (usually with those who may be a tad worse for wear) isn’t really my cup of tea. I’m a lark more than an owl and I find some of the sentimentality on it a tad weird (hey I am an introvert!). But New Year’s Day?  That’s my kind of day the world is re-set; often asleep and hungover but it’s a day for me to start thinking about the future. If 2017 was me starting to find balance I want 2018 to be the year I start pacing myself better and reading wise you should see a bit more on the blog but I’ve a few more goals this year to do on it

a)       Read a bit more outside one genre – no fear not I’m not tiring of SF and Fantasy but looking at Mount TBR it would be worthwhile to remember I’ve a few more books with crime, history and science to read. Some of which have been calling me recently to help understand exactly where our planet has come from to get to the mess it is today (and give me signs of hope).

b)      Endings – I don’t like ending series.  I have realised this when finding out how many last volumes I have on one shelf so in the first half of the year you may find me focus on a few final volumes and have a chance to tell you about some series you should try.

c)       Gaps – There are quite a few well-known authors and series I have never got around to. In some quarters I am assured Sanderson, Erikkson etc are titans of the genre. Well let’s see and at the same time I’ve quite a few other names I want to try like Elliot, Wurts and Cherryh. This could be fun if I compare……..

d)      Short Stories – I feel very embarrassed how little short fiction I read when I think it would be really good for me with some of my time pressures.  I’ve quite a few compilations in TBR and I will be on the lookout for interesting ones to share

e)      Other Media – I’m way behind on TV and podcast dramas – this needs to change before I am spoiled on EVERYTHING

f)        The Wombelgariad (delayed by work but it is a coming this month and throughout 2017

g) Continue to challenge numpties who think SF should not tackle social issues

So that’s the aim for the blog. Right now, I’ve had a holiday and my batteries are recharged so let’s get to work.