The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn by Taylor Whitesides (DNF)

Publisher - Orbit

Published - Out Now

I thank the publisher for an advance copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review


I love a good con. I love the style and fluidity of a well practised con in any drama. Be it the old school charm of The Sting, the humour and intelligence of Leverage and of course in fantasy the amazing Locke Lamora series by Scott Lynch. Sadly this tale did all the things I love in the con in a way that made me stop and importantly not care.

Ardor Benn is one of the world’s best criminals and uses a variety of dragon based essences to beguile and ultimately escape his marks. He is drawn into the politics of the word and at this point enough was enough.

The biggest issue was the over labouring of firstly the dragon bone based magic system being explained in excruciating detail and the con felt laboured and heavy. A good con tale should be like watching a ballet being choreographed not pounded out with two left feet. Sadly I got the feeling this book wasn’t for me and ended it very early.

Matthew Cavanagh